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Welcome To Trees2Timber

Our sawmill available for hire is based in Berkshire and operates in the adjacent counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Middlesext. We cut locally felled trees on our Woodmizer mobile sawmill as a service or to produce timber for sale and for our own use in a range of wood products.

Our aim is to put sustainable development into practice. Trees that must be felled are often left to rot or go for pulp. Instead we take the full value from the wood ensuring the tree is used to its maximum potential. Expensive transport costs are avoided by taking our mobile sawmill to the tree, and sawing it to best advantage. We provide the service as a day rate contractor where you supply the additional labour and handling plant for the work.

Trunks are converted on the Woodmizer portable sawmill into planks, boards, beams, posts to any dimension required. Part of what we mill we supply as custom and standard cut timber to the trade and specialist customers in the Reading and Berkshire area, as well as further afield.

We work with tree surgeons, estate owners, woodland trusts and farms, to convert felled trees into useful and valuable timber increasing its value from almost nothing to potentially hundreds and thousands of pounds. However this is s a semi industrial process not suited to a domestic situation. We do not operate in homes or gardens.

Even the very largest or inaccessible trees can be processed using our Logosol portable chainsaw mill, which has a 48" ripping blade and can be hand carried to site.

The rest we use ourselves in products we produce for customer projects that range from timber construction to fine joinery and woodturning.

Contract Saw Milling
Contract Saw Milling
Small parcels of timber can be uneconomic to transport to a fixed sawmill.

Using our Woodmizer mobile sawmill we can come to you and cut up your timber to your specification. A felled tree worth almost nothing on the ground can be milled into planks, posts, beams etc worth hundreds of pounds. This can be used by the land owner for their own use or sold on for profit.
Carpentry and Timber Construction
Carpentry and Timber Construction
There are times when you cannot find exactly what you want off the shelf. Your vision is of something particular, unique that has to be made by a traditional craftsman. We can take your vision and turn it into reality whether it be a building, or a jewellery box.

Trees2Timber offers the full range of carpentry, timber framing, joinery and woodturning services so you can be sure to get precisely what you want.