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What is mobile saw milling?
Mobile sawmilling is where we bring the sawmill to you to mill your tree trunks on your site. The Woodmizer LT40 mill we operate is on a 6.5 metre wheeled carriage towed by a Land Rover.
How does the Woodmizer LT40 work?
The easiest way to answer that is with Woodmizer's promotional video of the LT40 Super Hydraulic. You can see that video by clicking here.
Is your Woodmizer the fastest mobile sawing system?
Yes, the alternative swing mill circular sawing and chainsaw mill systems cannot achieve the daily throughput of the Woodmizer. On arrival the Woodmizer takes about 15 minutes to set up and can then work through a pile of logs. The other two systems require set up on each log and in the case of the chainsaw mill each cut.
What other benefits does the Woodmizer offer?
Using a bandsaw blade, the kerf is only 2mm, so there is much less waste and less sawdust generated. Also with a throat on the saw being 24", logs of up to 32" in diameter an be milled, and boards as wide as 24" cut.

The Woodmizer also benefits from sophisticated hydraulics that lift the trunks onto the bed of the mill and rotate and manipulate the log to get it in exactly the right position of each cut.
How do you differ from other Woodmizer operators?
This is our second Woodmizer which was bought new at the end of 2010. It benefits from the Super Hydraulics package which handles the logs much faster, and from the Setworks computer. This positions the blade for each cut precisely and automatically.

This pattern cutting facility means we can mill timber faster, more reliably, and to millimetre accuracy with our Woodmizer
Where do you operate?
Across the South East of England.
Can you handle outsized logs?
Very large logs can milled milled to dimensions that can be cut on the Woodmizer using our Logosol chainsaw mill. The chainsaw mill is much slower, but you will usually be rewarded with the quantity and quality of wood generated.
How many trunks can you cut in a day?
It will depend on how wide and long the log is, and what the cutting list is. It takes longer to mill 25mm square stakes than 200mm square beams. But to give you some idea it takes about 40 seconds to cut from one end of a 3 metre log to the other end. We find a good sized log can be processed in 20-30 minutes.
I have a tree in my garden. Is it worth any money?
A single tree is going to be worth very little, and if you take into account the £200-£400 cost of a lorry to collect it you can quickly see that it is often not economically viable. There is also the question of access to the tree. Often there is no vehicle access to say a back garden and so a whole trunk cannot be extracted.

So can I get anything for it?
If you have the tree milled the resultant timber is much more valuable, has a wider market, and is easily moved. If you have time and space to air dry it it becomes even more valuable.

This obviously means I have to spend money to get money. What is my return?
It will vary from species of tree, but our experience is that the value of the timber milled in a day is between three and five times the cost of hiring us to mill the timber. In the case of estate milling it has been as high as ten times.

If you are planning to use the timber yourself, the saving from not having to buy the timber is even greater
Can I bring my timber to you to be milled?
Certainly, for which we charge you on an hourly rate basis.
Can I buy kiln dried or treated timber from you?
No, we cut straight from the tree and specialise in species that either can be used green or do not need treatment, such as oak and sweet chestnut. If you need kiln dried or treated timber you are best off going to a timber merchant.