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What has being happening at Trees2Timber recently...
New Folding Saw Horse
A folding saw horse is a new product being offered by Trees2Timber. Solidly built in 75mm section oak and galvanised 12mm coach bolts this saw horse will last for years.

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Display Case Coffee Table
The customer had salvaged the swing arm from his first motor cycle and had it chromed. He wanted to display it, but did not want a dedicated display case. Instead he wanted to have the utility of a coffee table, but with the swing arm display in it as a conservation piece.

He did not have a clear idea of exactly what he wanted, just a general concept, so I provided him with a range of different ideas. He settled on this design which with a few iterations to tweak the design was built and delivered. The material was locally grown oak that I had milled and air dried.

It was important that the display case within the coffee table did not look too heavy within the frame, so having decided to incorporate a shelf underneath make from hand turned dowels, the bottom of the display case was also made from dowels so the eye could carry on through the case to the shelf below.

The customer's comment was that that he really liked being part of the design process, seeing the drawings of how the finished piece would look and then getting exactly what he wanted, exactly as it looked on paper.
Bell Hurst Vinyard - Vine Stakes

In May the Bellhurst vineyard wanted to plant 7500 new vines. Each sapling was no more than a foot high and needed to be protected from being engulfed by weeds. The vineyard is organic so chemical weed killers we out of the question. They had invested in an Italian automated hoeing system, but each plant would need to be protected by a stake to would deflect the hoe and leave the young vine unharmed.

At 50p for each 1m stake this would cost a lot, but they had plenty of mature oak and sweet chestnut on the farm. They initially under estimated the amount of trees they would need to fell so once we arrived there was race to fell trees which we milled into 18mm stakes as fast as they could bring them to the mill.

The on-board computer allowed a pattern cut of initially 18mm thick boards that we turned as a stack through 90 degrees to batch cut the 18mm stakes in 3m lengths which would be cut later on a chop saw to 1m.

We even had time to cut a 75mm thick slab to be used to inset the basins for their bathroom. Paul and Kristin were delighted with the results and will have us back next year when they plant the next field.