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Contract Saw Milling

Small parcels of timber can be uneconomic to transport to a fixed sawmill. You have the cost of loading the tree trunks onto a hiab lorry, transporting it to the nearest sawmill, which these days  could be many miles away, and then have the cost of the return journey. Much better to bring the sawmilling operations to your site.

We charge on a competitive day rate, with a mileage charge to cover to cost of bringing the mill the distance to your site.

Woodmizer Saw Mill

Using our Wood-mizer mobile sawmill we can come to you and cut up your timber to your specification. A felled tree worth almost nothing on the ground can be milled into planks, posts, beams, etc worth hundreds of pounds. This can be used by the landowner for their own use or sold on to defray the cost of felling.

The Woodmizer is self-contained, with its own hydraulics for lifting and handing the trunks on the 6 metre saw bed. A 1½" bandsaw with a 600mm throat rides back and forth on the carriage, driven by a 33hp diesel engine. The unit has the flexibility to take many different cross sectioned pieces out of each tree.

Logosol Chainsaw Mill

For larger tree butts, between 30" and 48" in diameter, we will use our Logosol chain saw mill. We use our largest capacity chainsaw with a ripping chain that rides on a custom aluminium rail that is secured to the trunk.

The truck is then halved or quartered to dimensions that can be milled on the Woodmizer. Although slower and cutting a bigger kerf than the Woodmizer, there are occasions where the Logosol chainsaw mill is used to section the timber for easier handing, or where access is a problem for the Woodmizer.

Timber Handling

We can supply extra manpower and handling equipment according to what the job needs. Our rough terrain forklift is small and manoeuvrable to get access  in most situations and with a 1300kg lift capacity will handle all but the heaviest butts.

Whatever the job we are always happy to discuss it in advance and give advice. We can work on a day or week rate, or can discuss profit-share options on the cut timber.

Smaller Quantities

It may be that you only have a small amount or timber to be sawn or ripped in which case you can arrange to bring it to our yard and pay for our sawmilling services by the hour.